Mount Lykos, Washington
Welcome to Lunar Effect. We are an original supernatural creatures RPG with a rating of 3/3/3. We are set in a fictional town in modern day Washington State and have no word count.

If you would like to join please register your characters with proper capitalization. If you have any questions our c-box is guest friendly and we also use a discord server!
05/17/18 Site Wide Event sign ups are open!

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Infinite Dreams
MCU ¦ Post Captain America: CW
First Bite -Yggdrasil- 0 1 Today at 03:47 am
Last Post by: -Yggdrasil-
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Back At Castle Rosslin
Tag: Attica
Cascades Dejan Sinclair 2 22 Today at 03:18 am
Last Post by: Dejan Sinclair
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Here Is My Soul
Den Andrei Vasiliev 13 89 Today at 12:20 am
Last Post by: Stefan Rose
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Itching At My Brain
Armand's Nest Mika Kvasova 8 63 Yesterday at 11:56 pm
Last Post by: Mika Kvasova
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Welcome To Your Nightmare
Tag: Sebastian
The Dark Room Jack Taylor 4 41 Yesterday at 11:55 pm
Last Post by: Jack Taylor
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Tangled In The Phone Cords
tag James Cross
Media William Māhoe 2 14 Yesterday at 11:23 pm
Last Post by: William Māhoe
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The Claiming Of Miss Hunt
Tag: Naomi
Armand's Nest Jack Taylor 10 77 Yesterday at 10:48 pm
Last Post by: Jack Taylor
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Land Of Misfit Toys (Pages 1 2 )
tag Stefan
Pack Territory William Māhoe 18 146 Yesterday at 10:18 pm
Last Post by: William Māhoe
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Dropping In
@ Andrei
Pack Territory Ellie Hawthorne 2 18 Yesterday at 10:01 pm
Last Post by: Ellie Hawthorne
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Dish Best Served Hot
Almagro Nest Phoebe Purohit 2 21 Yesterday at 09:42 pm
Last Post by: Phoebe Purohit
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Dangerous Woman
Development - Kokumo Ayodele
Moonsie Kokumo Ayodele 0 11 Yesterday at 07:35 pm
Last Post by: Kokumo Ayodele
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Kokumo Ayodele
Angel Haze | 658 | Vampire
Vampires Kokumo Ayodele 1 22 Yesterday at 07:23 pm
Last Post by: Fox
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The Hanged Man
Tag - Fox/Armand Pierce
The Outskirts Briar Faulkner 4 38 Yesterday at 04:00 pm
Last Post by: Briar Faulkner
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Mortals & Monsters
original creature RP | jcink premium
First Bite -TASH- 0 3 Yesterday at 03:58 pm
Last Post by: -TASH-
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[m] You Have Got To Be Kidding Me.
@tag open
Neon Skies Olive Williams 14 142 Yesterday at 03:26 pm
Last Post by: Olive Williams
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I'm Not Afraid Of The Storm
Open <3
Neon Skies Scarlet Von Averie 4 47 Yesterday at 01:44 pm
Last Post by: Scarlet Von Averie
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...hello Again
Tag: Dyani
Pack Territory Stefan Rose 8 63 Yesterday at 01:35 pm
Last Post by: Stefan Rose
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Hiding Out (Pages 1 2 )
Tag: Lucas
Redmont Katy Park 18 66 Yesterday at 12:51 pm
Last Post by: Katy Park
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Somethings Overcoming Me
tag Niklas
Den Ellie Hawthorne 10 68 Yesterday at 12:19 pm
Last Post by: Ellie Hawthorne
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Tag: Rhys
Norwich District Cassandra McCree 12 52 Yesterday at 10:40 am
Last Post by: Cassandra McCree
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I Want My Brother Back!
Mount Lykos Police Station Aalia Ghazi 5 42 Yesterday at 09:29 am
Last Post by: Jason Knox
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Werewolves... (Pages 1 2 )
Tag: Attica
Cascades Dejan Sinclair 21 150 Yesterday at 07:39 am
Last Post by: Attica Morstrum
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