Mount Lykos, Washington
Welcome to Lunar Effect. We are an original supernatural creatures RPG with a rating of 3/3/3. We are set in a fictional town in modern day Washington State and have no word count.

If you would like to join please register your characters with proper capitalization. If you have any questions our c-box is guest friendly and we also use a discord server!
05/17/18 Site Wide Event sign ups are open!

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Ready to create your brainchild? Well, here is where you're going to start. Please use the application template found inside!

May 12 2018, 01:44 PM
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All accepted characters can be found in here!

Yesterday at 07:23 pm
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All of our claims are kept inside of this board. If you're interested in seeing who is in play, this is the place to look. Make sure you keep your claims updated!

Oct 3 2017, 06:29 AM
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Plotters, shippers, whatever you'd like to call them are found here.

Apr 11 2018, 09:52 AM
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Have a plot that you're itching to complete, but need a specific character for it? This is where you can post your search for that character. Make sure you post in the correct sub-board to make it easier for new members to find your ad!

May 17 2018, 10:29 AM
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You go to for anything you need for your characters. Mood Boards, ideas, trackers, albums. Have at thee!.

Yesterday at 07:35 pm
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Here you can text or use the internet to communicate with other characters.

Yesterday at 11:23 pm
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